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There are several other reasons that Orthotic Specialists, Inc. is the best candidate for your pediatric care. Firstly, continuity of care is of utmost importance to us. Under usual circumstances, the orthotist who initially assesses a patient will be the orthotist who follows that patient through their entire treatment process. Secondly, our standard of practice requires that modifications to the cast molded at the initial appointment be done by the orthotist who assessed the patient and molded the cast. We feel this person is best equipped to determine the degree of biomechanical correction the tissues are able to tolerate. Fortunately, with our state of the art in-house fabrication facility, each orthotist is available through every step of the process. This continuous hands-on approach results in the best functional outcomes and most comfortable fitting devices for our patients. Thirdly, continuing education is another key element of our practice. We travel internationally to aquire the most innovative, state of the art education. We are currently in the process of participating in research and development of very exciting and high tech options for extremely functional lower extremity orthotic care.

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