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My son, Patrick Bridwell, has a mild to moderate case of diaplesia CP. He wears braces on both legs. He has been seen by Barbara for several years now. I’d like you to know that Barbara is a great professional and a wonderful human being. She has always helped Patrick and me, as much as she could. She always asks herself and us: “Are we doing all we can to help Patrick?”

I will never forget when I went through my divorce and things got tough, she suggested that we’d reach for help from Shrinner’s CP Clinic in UT. She referred Patrick to them and helped us to get all setup. Patrick had several surgeries there and Barbara continued making his braces to this day. Watching Barbara with Patrick and all the other children at the clinic is amazing. She is so committed to these children and she is so good with them.

Patrick loves her and we even talked about him volunteering on her shop during summer school.  As for me, she always asks me how I am doing. 

She is always willing to listen and to offer suggestions for anything I need. She is really wonderful and caring. Patrick and I feel at home when we go see Barbara at the clinic. Please consider her to be part of your CP clinic team, she is the very BEST.

Thank you so much Barbara.

-Silvia Bridwell

I have had the incredible pleasure of knowing Brett and Barb professionally for over 5 years and have referred many, many families to them for their Orthotic needs.  The quality of workmanship that Brett and Barb put into each and every pair of orthotics is what makes their product and client satisfaction stand apart from the others.  They are committed to taking consideration of the client’s individual circumstances, recommendations from other team members working with the client, and being creative in meeting the client’s orthotic needs. 

The staff at Orthotic Specialists has been wonderful to work with.  One of the best aspects of using Orthotic Specialists as a referral source is the state of the art fabrication facility at their office.   The difference between off site lab constructed and on site lab fabricated orthotics has resulted in fewer modifications and better first time fit.  Brett & Barb provide incredible personal customer service and a passion for working with children with special needs and their families.

Orthotic Specialists are an orthotic/ prosthetic provider who makes a difference in many ways in our community.  Barb and Brett have brought to Arizona years of experience in working with children with special needs in Canada.  They have offered continuing education and seminars to professionals in pediatric medical practices as well as frequent updates on advances in orthotic management and devices. 

I have been a pediatric Physical Therapist for over 22 years and have been very impressed with the orthotics fabricated by Orthotic Specialists.  It is my pleasure to recommend Orthotic Specialists as a provider for clinics and private clients.  They are an incredible asset to the pediatric medical community.

Kelly King, PT, MA

Director of Physical Therapy -Therapy for Developmental Disabilities

I am writing to recommend the services of Orthotic Specialists.  My experience with Orthotic Specialists has been one of incredible professionalism. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, customer service and ethical patient care delivery is unmatched. Consults were performed in the most appropriate setting for the client, be that in the therapy clinic or orthotic clinic.  All appropriate disciplines (MD, PT, OT, orthotists) were involved when necessary, displaying Orthotic Specialists’ commitment to the multidisciplinary team concept. 

Orthotic Specialists’ bracing product quality is exceptional.  Attention to detail and use of current and cutting edge technology have always provided my patients with the best bracing option available. Their patient care and personal communication with each family combine with the  quality of their product  to create successful patient outcomes.

Daniel M. Bonaroti, MPT


It takes a certain amount of experience to be able to distinguish a gold standard of service and care in any field.  I've been in the offices of many, many healthcare professionals since we adopted our son who has Cerebral Palsy.  Being a Registered Nurse myself, I can appreciate the the skill of an experienced caregiver and the uniqueness of one who can actually make an uncomfortable procedure feel alright to a child in need. 

I have found the gentle and skilled care of Barb Boutin at Orthotic Specialists to be exceptional.  She is my gold standard in orthotics, and it has been a pleasure to experience her love for the work that she does.  It shines in the high quality of orthotics she produces and in the smiles of the children who use them.

Thank you,

Ann Zuniga  

I am writing on behalf of Barb and Brett Boutin of Orthotic Specialists.  My 16 year old daughter Caitlin is diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome and has benefited greatly under the care of Brett Boutin of Orthotic specialists.  We moved to Mesa, Arizona 6 years ago from the St. Louis area and was immediately told by our casemanager at DDD that Caitlin would have to go to CRS for her orthotics.  We did this for the first couple of years we lived in AZ. and I was so disappointed in the quality of care and communication in the CRS system.  I would wait and wait in the waiting room and when we were finally brought to a room it was a rush to hurry and get us out of there and I got different answers to my questions every time we were seen. 

Caitlin's walking had regressed and her hand biting began to break the skin down on her hands that we couldn't just sit back and wait.  I started investigating to find something better for my daughter and that's when we were lucky enough to find orthotic specialists!  It was like night and day the difference in the care and treatment for my daughter. 

I could finally sit back and put my trust in someone who really knew how to help my daughter and to explain the treatment and process to me.  I could actually make a appointment and be seen on time.  Brett and Barb both took a real interest in caring for my daughter.  Caitlin began walking better and Brett also made some hand splints that were unique to Caitlin's needs. I had been searching and looking for this kind of care and expertise all along and when my daughter found it at Orthotic specialists we couldn't have been happier.  

On a personal note I have never met 2 people such as Barb and Brett with such a caring nature and doing all they can to help their patients succeed.  I highly recommend these 2 wonderful people and would be happy to answer any further questions if contacted.


Tracy and Caitlin Hoel

As the parent of several children with orthopedic concerns, we have had the pleasure of receiving orthotic services from Barbara Boutin on numerous occasions over the last six years. Her personal attention to my children has been superb. She treats the whole patient. She gets to know them and wins their trust before she ever begins her work with them. She gains an understanding of how their needs work in a family and school context and makes sure that they will be able to be successful with whatever has been prescribed for them. I am able to compare her services to others offered locally, as we have used another provider as well.

I can say without hesitation that Orthotic Specialists’ services are superior. We have never had to return an AFO or insert that they have made because it did not fit correctly. I cannot say the same for the other group we have used. It has been nice to be able to go home with a device that fits the first time and not have to drive back to Phoenix to have it adjusted several times.

I would recommend Orthotic Specialists to anyone with a need for these services (and I have). I am delighted that they may be available to Phoenix Children’s Hospital clients in the future and commend you for considering them as a provider.


Christina McKendrick

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation in behalf of Orthotic Specialist.  This company is well respected in the therapy community, adored by all of their patients and have continued to maintain production of quality and custom fitted orthotics. 

My experiences while working with Orthotic Specialist, over the past 3+ years, have been nothing but positive ones.  Their office is extremely kid friendly and clean but maintains a professional demeanor.  The front office staff has always been professional, polite, helpful and excellent about relaying messages. The orthotist have always been extremely professional, easy to talk to, return phone calls in a timely manner, provide appropriate suggestions as well as being open to suggestions in order to meet the client’s needs to facilitate maximum functional potential and therapy outcomes, they have attended numerous professional conferences in order to keep up to date on techniques and they have facilitated opportunities for therapist to have in-services/collaboration sessions.

My clients who receive services from Orthotic Specialist have always come back from seeing them with positive comments and further understanding of the orthotic.  They appreciate the quality of product produced, creativity and customization needed for their child, professional knowledge of the product, appointment times being kept on schedule, the amount of options in overlays decorations for the orthotic and parents especially appreciate their commitment towards making each visit a positive one for their child.    

Thank you for taking the time to read this recommendation and considering Orthotic Specialist for this position.  I am confident that they will exceed even your highest expectations.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at (602) 690-9578


Jennifer L. Weil, PT 


I was referred to Barb and Bret Boutin, for foot pain, 3 years ago by a pediatric physical therapist., and felt an instant connection with them.  They are compassionate, caring, and extremely knowledgeable in their field. They take as much time as needed to meet the needs of their patients – especially with their special needs children. They both love their job (and patients) and it shows. Barb and Brett would be a real asset to your organization and would compliment the great work Phoenix Children’s hospital is already doing for our community..    

Please feel free to contact me, anytime, if you need further information.


Bev Koslow

It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation in support of Barb and Brett Boutin of Orthotic Specialist, LLC in their candidacy for orthotic service provider for Phoenix Children’s Hospital CRS clinics.   I have known the Boutins for many years and can recommend them with the highest degree of enthusiasm and confidence.

Orthotic Specialist, LLC is a well regarded business with excellent products, knowledgeable owners and staff, as well as exceptional customer service.  I have no hesitation when my clients ask for a referral to an orthotist to give them Orthotic Specialist’s business card.  They are professional in all aspects, diligent to assure quality in their orthotics, outstanding educators, and personable. I am positive that they will be an asset to your program


Annette Annesley, Physical Therapist

 I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from Barb and Brett over the last 2.5 years.  During that time, my knowledge of orthotics and orthopedic management has been thoroughly enhanced by their expertise and commitment to keeping up on the latest technology and research.  They have shown a sincere interest in the field of pediatric therapies in the Phoenix Metro area and have organized both continued education seminars and special interest groups to bring therapists and other professionals together in a collaborative effort to improve the overall continuum of care. 

I have numerous clients who have been extremely pleased with the orthotic management they have received at Orthotic Specialists.  Barb and Brett focus on treating the entire patient and go above and beyond to link their clients with the resources they desperately need in the community.  They put the needs of the client first and go out of their way to facilitate the best possible outcomes for their patients. 

The greatest asset I have experienced in dealing with Orthotic Specialists is the emphasis Barb and Brett place on communication with the client’s family, doctors, and therapists, etc…  They go above and beyond to make themselves available to collaborate in their treatment plans. 

I truly appreciate the interdisciplinary efforts of Barb and Brett and their leadership in trying to practice in line with the ICF Model of Healthcare, taking into account all aspects of the client’s life: social, emotional, and physical.   They have inspired me to join with them in the pursuit of striving for a better standard of practice in meeting the needs of children and adults with special healthcare needs in the Phoenix Metro area.  I commend them for their philosophy of treatment and commitment to excellence in all that they do.


Rachel L. Kongshaug, PT, MPT

Synergy Pediatric Therapy


I am writing regarding the quality of service and compassion demonstrated by Barb during our visits to her clinic.  Every visit, Barb greets my son and interacts directly with him.  Considering my son communicates primarily by facial gestures and vocal sounds, it means a lot to a parent to have health care providers communicate directly with the child.  Although my son has limited expressive communication he is very perceptive and selective regarding with whom he will communicate.  Barb is one of chosen individuals that he looks forward to seeing and greets with a smile.  While her care is very individualized, Barb also demonstrates knowledge and compassion as she spends time listening to my concerns and then clearly communicates benefits and potential complications regarding the use of orthotics.  Since my son received orthotics from Orthotic Specialists, my son has been able to tolerate wearing his braces longer and more consistently. 

Through these braces, which are custom fitted with explicit attention to details including appearance and needs to promote function, our son also lost the “flat foot” appearance. 

Barb always goes above and beyond what is expected as evidenced by her desire to be up to date on current evidence based treatment including orthotics and treatment interventions related to children with orthotic concerns. We strongly and repeatedly encourage others to seek treatment from her clinic, and each time have been thanked for leading them to a healthcare professional that is empathetic and provides phenomenal service.   I strongly recommend Barb and her clinic for the personal care, professionalism, timeliness and knowledge consistently demonstrated.  If you have any questions feel free to call me, 480-897-2541.  Thanks for considering Barb and her clinic.


Geri DeWaard

We have been working very closely with them at our Phoenix outreach clinic over the past several years. They have fabricated all of the braces and orthotics as well as the prosthetic limbs for our patients. They have an excellent rapport with our patients and their parents and are uniformly extremely well liked and respected by all our patients who have had dealt with them. In all of these years, I have never heard one single negative comment about Barb or Brett or Owen. The quality of their orthotics and prosthetics is the highest quality and they provide rapid and effective service if the patients have any issues or concerns with the orthotics or prosthetics. For the above stated reasons, I would give Barb & Brett of Orthotics Specialists the highest recommendation and I am sure they would be a very valuable addition to the services provided by the Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Jacques L D'Astous, MD, FRCS(C)

This is a letter of recommendation and support for Barbara and Brett Boutin and their orthotics and prosthetics organization - Orthotics Specialists. They are superb individuals and the company that they run is an excellent orthotics and prosthetics operation. We have used them for all of our work in Phoenix for the past several years. We have been immensely satisfied with all the work that has been provided by this company and particularly by these two individuals. It is absolutely superb quality and very thoughtfully done and I could not emphasize more what I feel about the capability of Orthotics Specialists. If you have any further questions, please give me a call, but it is absolutely without hesitation that I support them and would recommend them highly to do your orthotics and prosthetics work at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

James W. Roach, MD


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