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During Your First Appointment

What To Expect at OSI

Thank you for trusting Orthotic Specialists with the care of your child. When you arrive, you will be welcomed by our Front Desk staff, who will measure your child’s height and weight (if possible), as well as confirm your prescription and insurance information.

During the appointment, your family will meet with one of our experienced Certified Orthotists. The orthotist will ask about your child’s medical, developmental, and surgical histories, as well as discuss your child’s current abilities and your family’s goals. Some questions we ask concerning family medical history or your child’s behavior may be about sensitive topics, but we ask them in order to provide comprehensive care. We will then perform a physical examination, and evaluate your child’s unique joint biomechanics, weightbearing, and gait pattern (if appropriate). We may reach out to other medical professionals who are on your team. Our care model is based on patient-centered care.

We may take custom molds or measurements, depending on device type and diagnosis. We will also discuss our shoes and socks if appropriate, and provide specific recommendations for shoes that will work best with your child’s devices and lifestyle.

Before you leave, we will schedule a fitting and delivery appointment. Please bring your calendar for ease of scheduling. At this fitting appointment, your orthotist will ensure proper fit of the device(s) before you take them home. It is important to purchase proper shoes before this appointment so our orthotist can make sure that the shoe and device fit together seamlessly, and make any necessary adjustments.

We will schedule follow up appointments every few months to ensure that your child’s devices are still comfortable and functional. In between appointments, please reach out with any concerns or questions that you have about the devices. We are always happy to schedule more immediate follow up appointments in order to ensure your child’s comfort.